Interaction with GIS data you can’t get from your desktop software.

Why MineAR?

As geoscience professionals, we know you want an easier way to see your GIS data from the field. Our mining software, MineAR allows you to do exactly that. Our mobile GIS app seamlessly allows for you to upload your subsurface data and lets you see your surrounding terrain and geography. MineAR helps eliminate costly mistakes by allowing you to engage with your data, see obstructions for your mining or drilling locations, and compare the topography with where you need to drill. Discover all of this all on our GIS mobile app.

MineAR Pricing
Plan Basic Free Trial Premium Membership
- Monthly
Premium Membership
- Annual
Available on iOS
Available on Android
"NearMe" Service that shows roads, rivers, points of interest, and elevation models surrounding you
Save and view data offline  
Import / Upload CSV (2d points or 3d points)  
Import / Upload GeoJSON (points, lines or shapes with attributes)  
Stylize data by numeric attribute  
Pricing Free Free
7 Days
$4.99/mo $49.99/yr

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